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Holidays, I forget EVERYTHING or ALMOST! I don't forget to take Domaine Singulier with me.

Holidays, I forget EVERYTHING or ALMOST! I don't forget to take Domaine Singulier with me.

Holidays: Navigating Togetherness and Bathroom Harmony with Domaine Singulier

Holidays are wonderful moments to reconnect and enjoy quality time with loved ones, whether it's with siblings, children, or as a couple. However, differences in habits and moods can lead to some challenges during shared vacations.


"When summer forces us into close proximity, finding our bearings is not easy; we must adjust to one another," explains Marie Robert, author and philosophy professor, on her Instagram account "Philosophy is sexy."

Early risers and late risers, hikers and pool loungers—summer reveals different facets of our partners that we may not have fully experienced before. It's the friend who seems to do nothing all day, the best friend who falls in love, turning the vacation into a trio. There's the meticulous bill-splitter and the one who's always missing when it's time to pay (consider using an app like Tricount). And when children are involved, differing parenting styles can become a source of conflict.

Who among us doesn't have a vacation memory that comes to mind...


Living with others requires making concessions—letting go and taking a step back. If conflicts arise, consider discussing them calmly over a drink.

"All private spaces are affected: personal intimacy when sharing the same bathroom, toilet, and clothesline for all underwear; couple intimacy, with conversations that can be overheard, and family intimacy through child-rearing," explains Nicole Prieur, philosopher and psychotherapist, in "Les Trahisons nécessaires" (editions Robert Laffont).

Maintaining physical distance from others, known as proxemics, is essential for our well-being.


To top it off, vacations and intestines don't always mix well.

Several studies highlight the occurrence of intestinal disorders among vacationers.

Gastrointestinal issues can arise when traveling to more distant destinations. However, there are also more common and psychological troubles.

According to Dr. Denis Soudan, a gastroenterologist and proctologist, constipation issues during vacations are quite common. Going to the bathroom comfortably requires familiarity, a place where you feel at ease. If you're not at home, if the bathroom is not well soundproofed, if you're afraid of being overheard—your bowels may hold back. And the delay can extend for a day or two during vacations. It's a psychological cause with physiological consequences.

"The more you hold back, the more the stools dry up inside the rectum and accumulate, making bowel movements difficult because the stools are hard and voluminous."

In summary, yet another reason to adopt the Domaine Singulier ritual this summer!


Bring Domaine Singulier's Eau des Toilettes and Elixir Bien Élevé with you this summer. Ensure a joyful, comfortable, and serene shared experience in the bathroom.

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