Domaine Singulier diffuses beauty that makes you feel good / for a new art de vivre Domaine Singulier diffuses Beauty that makes you feel Good / for a new art de vivre

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The Manufacture Royale de Lectoure or the sweetness of life.

The Manufacture Royale de Lectoure or the sweetness of life.

La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure: A Singular Retreat with Domaine Singulier

Domaine Singulier is a story of encounters, beautiful encounters. Christèle AGeorges, co-owner with her husband of La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure, is one of these wonderful encounters.

After reading an article about Domaine Singulier and its creator in M Le Monde magazine, Christèle fell in love with the brand and spontaneously ordered the perfumes to place in the toilets and bathrooms of all the rooms at La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure.

It's an immense gesture of support and trust for a brand as new as Domaine Singulier! It's also a source of pride because La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure is a unique place of great beauty.

Situated in the heart of the Gers countryside, with views of the South and the Pyrenees or the city walls, La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure is a remarkable location.

During a family walk on the Way of Saint James in the summer of 2017, Christèle and her husband Hubert fell in love with this former leather tannery built in 1754 by the architect Pierre Racine. Before being abandoned for twenty years, the factory had multiple lives: a distillery, a ballroom, a cinema, and later a retirement home from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Five years of work were necessary to transform the 1,200 square meters. Architect François Muracciole drew up the plans, and Christèle, a journalist, decorator, and stylist, brought her sense of aesthetics and detail, her love of beautiful materials, colors, and play of light to the project.

Carefully chosen antique furniture, mostly from local antique dealers in Lectoure, blends harmoniously with contemporary creations. Softness and serenity reign in every room.

Each room has a spacious bathroom with a bathtub, a desk area, and free access to the ground floor lounges.

In addition to accommodation, La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure is an open venue for photoshoots and events: seminars, yoga retreats, family celebrations, exhibitions. It also welcomes pilgrims on the Way of Saint James.

Domaine Singulier invites you to stay there for a sweet, infinitely sweet break.

La Manufacture Royale de Lectoure is open all year round.

Contact for reservations: Christèle Delance. Address: 19 rue Claude Ydron 32700 Lectoure. Tel. 06 83 51 28 67. Email: