Domaine Singulier diffuses beauty that makes you feel good / for a new art de vivre Domaine Singulier diffuses Beauty that makes you feel Good / for a new art de vivre

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Beautiful encounters: Domaine Singulier and the Walking Tree

Beautiful encounters: Domaine Singulier and the Walking Tree

The Walking Tree: A Poetic Haven for Well-Being

The Walking Tree is a unique and poetic house dedicated to celebrating the art of being and living. Conceived and built by Gwenn Libouban and Paolo Malvarosa, this spacious 16th-century longhouse is nestled in the heart of romantic Brittany, in La Villatte, Cuguen.

Atmosphere and Offerings: Within The Walking Tree, various stays and programs are offered to reconnect with oneself and others, providing cures, Kundalini Yoga sessions, seasonal retreats, and a personal journey. The special and rejuvenating atmosphere of The Walking Tree is present in its hospitality, setting, garden, the poetry of the place, and the food. Individual care is provided with expertise, attentiveness, and respect, contributing to the essence of this unique health retreat. It's a place of movement, deep reconnection, and fruitful dialogue—an extensive story of energies that reclaim, propagate, and share.

Unique Features: Every object in the house carries meaning, with artists and artisans holding significant roles. The winter ambiance is enriched by the crackling fire in the vast living room fireplace. Visitors can freely come and go, finding books in the library, listening to music, resting, and savoring every moment. This harmonious environment has been carefully crafted by Gwenn and Paolo down to the smallest details, including the restroom, where Domaine Singulier perfumes await to enhance the well-being of the guests.

About the Creators:

  • Gwenn Libouban: Renowned reflexology therapist with an exceptional touch, Gwenn reads tensions, detects emotional wounds, untangles anxieties, and dispels fatigue. She transitioned from podiatry to the art of touch to understand and heal more precisely. With expertise in energetics, psychotherapy, and geobiology, Gwenn has practiced for 20 years in her Parisian office and prestigious hotels. She works at "La Ferme du Vent" by the Roellinger family and authored "L’Arbre Qui Marche Debout" published by Marabout, a book on therapeutic reflexology.

  • Paolo Malvarosa: Psychotherapist, acupuncturist, Kundalini yoga teacher, and dancer, Paolo's journey includes contemporary dance, traditional Greek and Breton dances, and studies in Shiatsu and Zen. For 40 years, his blend of body-mind connection led him to care for others through dance therapy and group management. An exceptional teacher of the Art of Touch and psycho-affective contact, Paolo practices in Paris and Brittany since the 1990s. He is also a gourmet, skilled cook, and passionate gardener.


  • Walking Tree Exterior: NOMADES
  • Paolo and Library: EMMADAUM
  • Bathroom and Toilets: GWENNLIBOUBAN

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