The Manifest of a new art de vivre

Film Contempt by Jean-Luc Godard
Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli
(1963) backstage scene immortalized by Jean-Louis Swiners
"new wave" period

DOMAINE SINGULIER is the first brand of home fragrances and lifestyle rituals dedicated to the art of living in toilets and bathrooms. 


We go there for essential needs and desires. Sometimes just to find some peace, rest, meditate... Remember some scenes from cult films. Toilets: it's communal living multiplied by 10!

Who among us has not already said, loudly, sometimes exasperatedly – not just to children – "close the door," "close the lid," "you forgot to flush." Who has not felt embarrassed to go to the bathroom with their partner or friends nearby? And when the toilet is in the bathroom, cohabitation is even more challenging.

The numbers speak for themselves:
■ 83%* of people think it's important for toilets to smell good.
■ 35%* are concerned about odors for their well-being and pleasure.
■ 23%* are concerned for others, the next occupants.
■ 42%* for both.

At home, in shared living, on vacation with others, at the office, in coworking spaces, there are thousands of times when we would like to be able to go to the bathroom discreetly and be certain that the place will be pleasant.


Ugly, functional air fresheners.
Hyper-synthetic and aggressive air fresheners, which often all look the same (often the same as the scented pine trees hanging in cars...). Often unsuitable for small spaces and perceived as suffocating. They are also very rarely natural and mostly toxic to aquatic fauna and flora (cf the dead fish pictogram).
"Do it yourself," with the assembly of essential oils, which, when misused, are often ineffective and toxic at certain dosages for the environment.
The match that we strike, far from being discreet and not glamorous.

Survey conducted by surveymonkey for Domaine Singulier in October 2022, based on 100 people in France, in the 15 largest cities, aged 35 to 70 years.