Domaine Singulier


This photographic edition is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that won't be found on every wall. Captured by the brand's creator, who is also a skilled photographer, this image is tailor-made for sea enthusiasts.

Whether you're seated or standing, take a moment to contemplate. It extends an invitation to pause, to be fully present, allowing you to indulge in a moment of self-reflection. It transports you elsewhere, beckoning you to dream and escape without moving an inch.

Perfect to treat yourself or as a thoughtful gift.

 Printed in France on fine art paper, this limited edition is signed by the artist and numbered for larger formats. Sold without a frame. Contact us for framed options.


■ Ecocert and French certified organic wheat alcohol, denatured

■ 100% natural perfume concentrate

■ Demineralized water

■ 0% : filter, coloring, preservative such as Butyl benzoate, ingredients of animal origin.

■ Formula respectful of aquatic fauna and flora.

☞ A pipette of the Elixir Bien Elevé Domaine Singulier to place inside the walls of the toilet bowl.

Its natural fragrance, fresh in the top, relaxing and captivating in the heart and base, diffuses in the air immediately and lastingly .

☞ Also useful: place a few drops in the sink or hand wash basin. Or on the small ceramic diffuser to accentuate the benefits