who are we ?

is a brand new independent French brand,
born in Paris in the heart of the Batignolles district.
DOMAINE SINGULIER is managed by its creator Emmanuelle Daumesnil.
"I had been looking for a long time for perfumes that were refined, effective and truly natural to beautify the air in separate toilets and in the bathroom. I decided to dare and create them by talking about a sometimes taboo subject with glamour. !"
Emmanuelle has over 30 years of expertise in cosmetics and perfumes (L'Oréal group, Shiseido group, Caudalie). She also surrounded herself with experts. In particular, a creative illustrator for the design of the logo and labels and an independent Parisian perfumer, expert in natural perfumes. Without forgetting all the other French partners without whom the brand would not exist; bottles, printing labels and packaging products.
It was also obvious to the founder of DOMAINE SINGULIER that the brand had to offer a global and lifestyle approach, with a bit of spirit that she holds dear. She is convinced that just like perfumes, photographs have the power to make people smell and feel, to take them to real sensory interludes. She decided to sell her own photographs through the brand, with the desire to offer an exclusive signature that is not found on every wall. Other products and collaborations should enrich and complete the brand
Domaine Singulier is the combination of unrivaled French know-how. And the story of very beautiful encounters, those with my partners but also my clients.


To find out more, we invite you to read this article published in the magazine M Le Monde which explains the reason for being and the difference between Domaine Singulier.


photography : @nathaliebaetens