beautiful, useful and commited

Our mission: Spreading Beauty that makes you feel Good.

Our commitments are in line with our values: to offer you beautiful, useful, and responsible products that stand out from the ordinary and increase your well-being index. Embark on a new journey of pleasure and well-being.


All our fragrances are exclusive creations crafted and signed in the tradition of French haute perfumery. The aromatic ingredients are of the finest and purest quality.

The products blend simplicity with sophistication. They are beautiful to display, to behold, immersing you in a unique visual universe. The apothecary bottles are adorned with meticulously crafted labels, offering a high sensory experience to sight and touch. The photographs, captured by the brand's creator, are exclusives printed on art paper. Each item is singular, shaped by artists.


Our natural home fragrances are specially designed for small spaces like toilets and bathrooms. More than just air fresheners or deodorizers, they serve three functions in one. You might even feel like using them in other places, you're free to do so!


At DOMAINE SINGULIER, natural will always prevail over synthetic.

The perfumes are free from endocrine disruptors, colorants, UV filters, phthalates, and ingredients of animal origin. All ingredients are of controlled origin. The wheat alcohol is organic and Ecocert certified.

The formulas have been specially formulated to be non-toxic to wildlife and aquatic flora. You can use them safely in dry toilets, in extremely natural environments, on vacation, by the sea, or in the mountains.

Glass is the material we favor because it's recyclable and reusable. We minimize the use of plastic, whether recycled or not. Caps and lids are made of plastic, awaiting a better alternative. Bottles are reusable. We are actively seeking a truly reasoned solution for bottle reuse; plastic refills don't seem like the right solution to us.

All our shipping boxes, tissue papers, and packaging materials are made from FSC-certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council). This certification, issued by the WWF, guarantees the legality of wood exploitation, absence of links with illegal deforestation, sustainable forest management, and biodiversity conservation.


We commit to donating 1% of our sales revenue to associations for the protection of seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers. Out of love, conviction, and with great humility because the stakes are vast. Our very first association choice is SurfRider, whose European headquarters is based in Biarritz.


All our direct manufacturers, suppliers, and partners are French, based between Annecy, Nice, Paris, Compiègne. We chose them for their expertise and craftsmanship in luxury and high-quality materials. Perfume concentrates, formulas, and finished products are manufactured and packaged in France. The certified organic wheat alcohol is grown and produced in France. The natural ingredients of the perfumes primarily come from France but also from Europe and other continents to ensure olfactory richness, quality, and effectiveness. For example, lavender comes from France, rose extract from Bulgaria, lemon from Italy, patchouli from India. Glass bottles are manufactured in France and Europe. All selected suppliers guarantee respect for biodiversity and local communities.

We're not perfect, but we have the ambition, step by step, to always strive for improvement to limit our footprint and respect the environment while offering you beautiful products.