Places born from beautiful encounters

Each new presence in a sales location is the story above all of a beautiful encounter, firstly human.

Because the creator of the brand wants the brand's resellers and advisors to be true partners, sharing the same values ​​and the taste for beautiful products, well made, responsibly.

In addition to the sale on our online store, you can find our perfumes below. Please note that the photographic editions are exclusively sold on the Domaine Singulier online store.

Dauphine Pharmacy

at 57 rue Dauphine in Paris 75006 , in the heart of the Saint Germain des prés district (Metro Odéon or Mabillon. Isabelle and Maryse the owners only select natural and cutting-edge cosmetics brands, which they like like Domaine Singulier. They support the brand since its very beginnings.

Pharmacy Military School

at 26 avenue de Tourville, in Paris 75007 (École Militaire metro station). Nathalie the owner is an unconditional lover and above all a perfume expert. She was immediately seduced by the perfumes after smelling them at one of her friends' homes. Don't hesitate to ask him questions about perfumes in general.

☞ Conscience Perfumes

at 371 rue des Pyrénnées, in Paris 75020 (metro Jordan or Pyrenees). The very pretty boutique is a delight for all the senses and lovers of beautiful perfumes and beauty products. Claire, the owner, is a specialist and great connoisseur of perfumes and raw materials. Like the creator of the Domaine Singulier brand, she dared to take the plunge.


116 avenue Jean Charmasson, in l'Isle sur la Sorgue, 84800. Pauline Reynaud is an interior designer. She embellishes private and professional places with her precise and unique eye. She opened a show room showcasing a cutting-edge selection of brands including Domaine Singulier.

Bonnie Bonnie

 it's the place to go in Nouméa. Nathalie, owner of this unique concept store on the island, finds the most cutting-edge designer brands for her clients with her keen eye and senses. She fell in love with the brand for our greatest pleasure. 11 rue du Docteur Lescour, Nouméa 98800 New Caledonia . Note: our perfumes traveled by boat .

On the internet, you can find our perfumes at:

Holidermy .

Mélanie Huyn, the talented creator of the ultra-edgy and ultra-desirable Holidermie brand, and her team (Jennifer, Marie, etc.) fell in love with Domaine Singulier. You will find the perfumes in the “ holimarket ” section with the very detailed selection on If you have the chance to have a massage at the Holidermie apartment at 44 rue Vieille du Temple Paris 75004 , you will discover our perfumes prominently in the (obviously) beautiful toilets.

The Suite-Escapes.

Clémence and Aurore are two sisters passionate about travel and gastronomy. They like to find both beautiful places and pretty brands that are now available on their online store, which includes Domaine Singulier perfumes.

You can also find our perfumes in these places :

☞ at The Walking Tree .

Gwenn Libouban, reflexologist therapist and Paolo Malvarosa psychotherapist, acupuncturist, kundalini teacher and dancer have created a guest house and treatment which allows you to get together and recharge your batteries in the heart of romantic Brittany. There you can buy Domaine Singulier perfumes which are also featured prominently in the (obviously) beautiful toilets of the house. The walking tree, 12 la Villate, 35270 Cuguen.

☞ at Marie Depoulain

 keratotherapist and facialist, renowned specialist in Kubido. She has just moved to 6 rue de phalsbourg, Paris 75017 (Metro Monceau). Domaine Singulier perfumes are prominently featured in the (necessarily) beautiful toilets of its very intimate place of care and beauty.

Until January 7, 2024: ❃ For any order placed, a correspondent and greeting card is offered to you and will be included in your order.

❃ For any order worth more than 70 euros a "haven of peace" pouch will be offered to you in addition to a correspondence and greeting card and free delivery. All orders will be packaged with care and delicacy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a personalized and special message to send.