How are the perfumes and the brand eco-responsible?

We like to use the term “reasoned” at Domaine Singulier.
The creator of the brand has sought to offer products from the design stage that respect the environment as much as possible, without overpromising and being perfectly aware that to date there is no miracle, perfect solution.

In terms of formulas : Natural ingredients have been favored, all of high quality and with respect for biodiversity and local communities. The formulas are non-toxic to aquatic flora and fauna.

In terms of packaging:
The choice of recyclable glass and bottles traditionally used in pharmacology (resistant, opaque to protect the formulas without adding filters or colorants and without hidden bottoms). Plastic is banned as much as possible (sprays and caps are banned in the absence of having yet found a truly better solution compatible with alcohol and natural raw materials; they are reusable).

In terms of suppliers : all the partners chosen are French and based in France. As many raw materials as possible are sourced in France or Europe. Some of our ingredients come from distant lands, because they do not exist in France or of lower quality.

Finally, we undertake, to contribute with humility, to donate 1% of our sales turnover to associations which work to protect the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, our source of life. We are proud to support the Surfrider France and Europe association.