Domaine Singulier diffuses beauty that makes you feel good / for a new art de vivre Domaine Singulier diffuses Beauty that makes you feel Good / for a new art de vivre

the small journal of toilets and an art of living

Hand in hand, for the creation of the fragrances

Hand in hand, for the creation of the fragrances

"Domaine Singulier wouldn't exist without beautiful and singular encounters," says Emmanuelle Daumesnil. The creation of the perfumed rituals of Domaine Singulier is the result of a close collaboration between the brand's creator and the nose Éléonore de Staël (pictured).

Emmanuelle had a clear idea of what she wanted to offer in terms of experience with Domaine Singulier.

It was crucial for the perfumes to stand out from the ordinary. Emmanuelle had been tired for many years of home fragrances that almost all resemble each other, laden with heavy and synthetic notes. On the other hand, she wanted genuine creations that offer a real presence in small spaces, never intrusive, and in line with a very strict specification.

Emmanuelle was looking for an independent perfumer specializing in natural ingredients. The meeting with Éléonore de Staël was decisive. What appealed to Emmanuelle was, first of all, Éléonore de Staël's great expertise and mastery of natural ingredients. Her finesse and sensitivity, as well as her freedom of tone and spirit, were also appreciated.

Éléonore immediately loved the project.

Emmanuelle and Éléonore then worked hand in hand before the first two perfumes were launched.

Working hand in hand means exchanging from the beginning to the end, at every stage of creation, on every ingredient until the final formula, in a process of listening, trust, and mutual respect. Having the same vision and sharing the same values is essential!

The great difficulty and achievement were to succeed in combining refinement, naturalness, and efficiency in the same home fragrance! These perfumes had to be truly desirable and appeal to all genders and ages!

They are proud to have succeeded together.

All this for fragrances for toilets and bathrooms? Yes, definitely yes. Because Emmanuelle Daumesnil and Éléonore de Staël are both convinced that there are no places and moments where beauty shouldn't be diffused. Whether you live alone, as a couple, or with others, there are "ten thousand" reasons not to do without Domaine Singulier perfumes anymore!

Promise, with the perfumed rituals of Domaine Singulier, you won't see toilets and bathrooms the same way. Each moment becomes a parenthesis of pleasure and well-being for yourself and for others.

Photo of Eau des Toilettes and Soliflore.

emmanuelle daumesnil and éléonore de Staël

photo of toilet water and soliflore