Are perfumes for...toilets and bathrooms worth it?

Yes, because we consider that toilets and bathrooms (separate toilets are a French exception) are a living space in their own right.

A place that deserves to be taken care of!

Because it’s a place where we spend time.

Because it is a place of passage (when you live as a couple or more, but also on vacation or at the office).

Domaine Singulier means cultivating an art of living, of receiving well and welcoming! This means NO to small, gloomy, austere places that sometimes leave something to be desired in terms of decor and smells...

Domaine Singulier responds to all those who are demanding, sensitive to smells, design, decoration and who do not wish to compromise between quality, efficiency, naturalness and sensoriality.

And you are surely one of them if you have made it this far.