How do I know if Domaine Singulier fragrances will please me without having smelled it?

To like or not to like a perfume: the appreciation of a perfume is not an exact science and is very individual, personal.
It is very linked to each individual emotion and feeling. Our memories (Proust's famous madeleine), our experiences and quite simply our sensitivity make us love or reject certain smells...
To reassure you, we have incredible feedback on our perfumes from those who have purchased online without having smelled them first.
If you are unsure, read the perfume description on our site carefully. If you like the scent of green almond and rather sweet scents you should particularly like the scent of Eau destoilets. Try to remember the scents you like the most.
And do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone so that we can send you additional information and also ask you questions about your usual tastes. We are truly at your disposal to guide you.