domaine singulier


Dress your spaces with style and uniqueness.

This photographic edition is one-of-a-kind; you won't find it on every wall.

Captured by the brand's creator, who is also a photographer, this photo is for sea lovers.

To contemplate whether seated or standing. It's an invitation to pause, to be present, to take a moment for oneself. It transports you elsewhere, invites you to dream, to escape, without moving.

To indulge in or to gift.

 Printed in France on fine art paper. In a limited edition, signed (and numbered for larger formats). Sold without a frame. Contact us for orders with a frame.


■ Ecocert and French certified organic wheat alcohol, denatured

■ 100% natural perfume concentrate

■ Demineralized water

■ 0% : filter, coloring, preservative such as Butyl benzoate, ingredients of animal origin.

■ Vegan formula, respectful of aquatic fauna and flora.

■ Like all products containing alcohol, the product is very flammable. Do not expose to a heat source (lighter, fireplace, cigarette, etc.)

■ Do not place within reach of young children

■ Sensitizing: like all natural ingredients and like when walking in a garden, the risk of sensitization to an ingredient may exist. Potential sensitizing active ingredient: Linalool. Linalool is a natural perfuming agent with deodorizing and fragrant properties. For example, linalool is found naturally in geranium, ylang-ylang, myrtle, verbena or neroli.

Spray in the air at any time of the day.
3 to 4 sprays are usually enough. For more or less intensity, depending on your olfactory sensitivity, it's up to you.

A bottle lasts on average 5 to 6 months.