EAU BELLES TOILETTES bergamot, jasmine and violet leaves

Its mission: to perfume and refresh the air, naturally, delicately while providing a comforting feeling of well-being

Sensation: Strolling through a lush Mediterranean garden bathed in relaxing light and filled with energizing freshness.

Eau Belles Toilettes is born from the tradition of high perfumery. Its green and floral fragrance combines bergamot, jasmine, and violet leaf as the main accords.

A unique creation developed with an expert in natural perfumes, Eléonore de Staël.

Spray into the air. The fragrance of Eau Belles Toilettes Domaine Singulier provides an immediate and unexpected feeling of freshness, energy, and comfort.

The air smells incredibly good, immediately. All unpleasant odors are neutralized.

Every encounter becomes an experience of pleasure and well-being. For oneself and for others. At home, on vacation, in offices, in shared spaces, while traveling, Eau Belles Toilettes is the ally of all sensitive and discerning noses.

  99.9% natural formula. Vegan. No UV filters, no coloring, no phthalates. Non-toxic to aquatic fauna and flora. Glass spray bottle with a loss-free, recyclable, and reusable base. 1% of sales revenue donated to associations for the protection of seas and oceans.



■ Ecocert and French certified organic wheat alcohol, denatured

■ 100% natural perfume concentrate

■ Demineralized water

■ 0% : filter, coloring, preservative such as Butyl benzoate, ingredients of animal origin.

■ Formula respectful of aquatic fauna and flora.

- Like all products containing alcohol, the product is flammable. Do not expose to heat.

☞ A pipette of the Elixir Bien Elevé Domaine Singulier to place inside the walls of the toilet bowl.

Its natural fragrance, fresh in the top, relaxing and captivating in the heart and base, diffuses in the air immediately and lastingly .

☞ Also useful: place a few drops in the sink or hand wash basin. Or on the small ceramic diffuser to accentuate the benefits