Domaine Singulier diffuses beauty that makes you feel good / for a new art de vivre Domaine Singulier diffuses Beauty that makes you feel Good / for a new art de vivre

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The structure of a perfume and the extra soul of Domaine Singulier perfumes

The structure of a perfume and the extra soul of Domaine Singulier perfumes

"Let's not forget that small emotions are the great captains of our lives, and it is to them that we unconsciously obey." - Vincent Van Gogh.

In perfumery, there are commonly three types of notes, constructed in a pyramidal approach: top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

Some master perfumers refrain from defining their creations in a pyramidal manner, finding such visions or readings too simplistic. They prefer to start with one or more emotions, embracing a more abstract and undoubtedly poetic olfactory perspective.

Top notes are the ones you will smell immediately after spraying; they are fleeting and evaporate quickly. Heart notes are carried by the top notes, allowing the perfume to round off and densify. Finally, the base notes stabilize the whole composition, providing endurance and depth.

This description is, of course, not fixed. Depending on the moment and individual sensitivity, certain notes may reveal themselves more or less, appearing in a sometimes different order. The more natural the perfumes, the richer, more vibrant, and evolving the notes become.

Regarding the scent of Domaine Singulier's Toilet Water, some of you may immediately detect the presence of green almond, while others more easily identify rose or vanilla, and cedar may be apparent to others right away.

The challenge was to create exclusive perfumes that could be both effective and refined, neutralizing all unpleasant odors while providing genuine pleasure and daily well-being. The unique signature of these first two Domaine Singulier perfumes has the mission of adding a true soulful dimension to your toilets and bathrooms.


The scent of Eau des Toilettes Domaine Singulier brings an unexpected sensation of comfort from the moment it is sprayed—enveloping, reassuring, and soothing. Its fragrance is soft, round, with highly sensory, gourmet, and addictive scents and a hint of freshness at the top. Its secret lies in a unique combination of green almond, rose, and cedar, softening spirits while transforming the air.

singular field toilet water and a bouquet of fresh roses


The Elixir Bien Elevé Domaine Singulier barely breathed in, gives us the sudden sensation of being liberated, of escaping. Tensions dissipate. The mind relaxes. Its secret lies in this unique botanical and aromatic blend of lemon, patchouli, and lavender combined with rosemary and basil—possessing multiple virtues that are both relaxing and purifying.Domaine Singulier well-bred Elixir with a bouquet of lavender and rosemary