How are Domaine Singulier perfumes unique?

Before creating the Domaine Singulier room fragrances, we interviewed many people.

We found that the majority were not satisfied with room fragrances. Or haven't used one for a long time.

These people - men and women, of all ages - judged the products to be either ineffective against odors, too aggressive or ordinary in terms of perfumes or too chemical. Or all at once.

Our perfumes finally reconcile efficiency, naturalness and refinement.

These natural perfumes for toilets and bathrooms have been specially designed for small spaces (less than 20 m2).

These are real perfumes, of extreme refinement, which have been created exclusively by a nose, in the tradition of haute perfumery. Finally, the products are beautiful to place and look at and immerse you in a unique visual universe.

Domaine Singulier perfumes are truly unique.

All the people who tested it in preview were particularly surprised by the quality and refinement of the perfumes, the pleasure provided and their effectiveness on bad odors.

Everyone who has tried it says they can no longer do without it.

The reviews we collect are mostly excellent! We hope you will be won over too.

Until January 7, 2024: ❃ For any order placed, a correspondent and greeting card is offered to you and will be included in your order.

❃ For any order worth more than 70 euros a "haven of peace" pouch will be offered to you in addition to a correspondence and greeting card and free delivery. All orders will be packaged with care and delicacy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a personalized and special message to send.