the difference between our perfumes and classic home fragrances


Here are the 7 big differences between our perfumes and classic room fragrances:

☞ our formulas and perfumes are exclusive creations developed with a nose; you won't find them anywhere else

our perfumes offer incredible sensations of pleasure and well-being every time you diffuse them thanks to their unique natural composition

☞ our perfumes are specially designed for small spaces and to ensure excellent intensity and effectiveness without being harsh

☞ our perfume concentrates are 100% natural, and use the best ingredients from very beautiful and high perfumery

☞ our alcohol is a certified organic, ecocert wheat alcohol, grown, harvested and manufactured in France

☞ our formulas do not contain any filters, colorants or suspicious ingredients from petrochemicals...

☞ our formulas respect aquatic fauna and flora, you will not find any warning phrases regarding the environment, nor any “dead fish” pictograms