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Love is in the air ❤️🎶🎶🎶

Love is in the air ❤️🎶🎶🎶

Navigating Intimacy: A Delicate Balancing Act on Valentine's Day

On Tuesday, February 14, more than half of the French population* will celebrate Valentine's Day in France*. Candlelit dinners (40%* planning a romantic dinner at home), tender and animated conversations, and a passionate night – it's a full program in store!

Shared Intimacy

The much-anticipated Valentine's Day rendezvous can create a significant discomfort for some lovers: the first time sharing intimacy with a loved one and facing the unavoidable trip to the bathroom.

"He was afraid, when she would take her bath, of hearing the preliminary and terrifying rumble of the flush, a fatal tumult," expresses Solal about his intimacy with Ariane in "Belle du Seigneur."

For "long-time couples and lovers," this discomfort is presumably overcome. However, is it truly reasonable to let one's guard down completely? Keeping an air of mystery seems to be the secret to enduring relationships.

➡️ How to go to the bathroom without being seen... That might be THE question.

Multiple Tactics and Subterfuges

"Lovers employ unimaginable tactics to remain discreet in the bathroom," explains Jean Claude Kauffmann in his book, also interviewed by Le Monde on April 9, 2022, by Jane Roussel. "Nothing appears more opposed to the logic of seduction," emphasizes Jean-Claude Kaufmann. Urinating may pass, but the rest... The embarrassment can be strong, and unimaginable tactics are used to hold back or conceal sounds and odors."

It's crucial to note that holding back is strongly discouraged from a medical standpoint.

Various well-established techniques are employed to prevent sounds*:

  • Close all doors that could obstruct noise (41% of French people),
  • Throw paper into the water to muffle the sound of stools (38%),
  • Wait for one's partner to be absent or asleep (33%),
  • Flush in advance to mask noises (32%).

To discreetly neutralize odors, we previously had few choices, often between a myriad of ultra-synthetic scents with aggressive smells that could be considered "love killers." The matchstick tactic is generally ineffective and far from discreet.


Sensitive, demanding, and loving noses now have a true ally with Domaine Singulier. Before your beloved arrives, you can spray the Eau des Toilettes fragrance into the air. Its fresh and delicate scent of rose, cedar, and green almond will immediately diffuse in the room. You will also have the Well-Mannered Elixir on hand if needed. A few drops of the Elixir inside the toilet bowl or in the sink will delight the senses of the first occupant. If your bathroom is near the living room, kitchen, or in the bathroom, it's highly likely that your guest, without even entering, will praise the subtle fragrance permeating the air.

Take advantage of the moment to offer them Domaine Singulier (one of the fragrances accompanied by a photographic edition). A gift that combines beauty, utility, and pleasure, allowing you to elegantly and playfully address the subject of bathrooms!

And If You Hate Valentine's Day?

Whether you find it a commercial and dull celebration or you have no one to celebrate with, take the opportunity to read or reread "Belle du Seigneur" by Albert Cohen under the covers (and in the bathroom). Or watch one of these very fitting movies: "This Is 40," "Revolutionary Road," or even "Valentine's Day."

As for Domaine Singulier fragrances, they are your ally in all circumstances!

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